For a real-time simulation through native field bus systems, machineering offers the Field Box 1.

The Field Box 1 enables multi device emulation for most common field bus systems.

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In combination with the simulation software industrialPhysics, you only have to connect the Field Box 1 to both your computer and controller. Then start into multi device field bus emulation, thanks to a smooth web-interface.

The big advantage in comparison to conventional virtual commissioning is that this field bus simulation doesn’t run on any resources of the simulation computer. The whole field bus simulation is processed on the Field Box. Changes in the PLC program are obsolete.

Connect the Field Box 1 with a real control via the native field box for the virtual commissioning and the result – the simulation model – will be displayed in the well-known industrialPhysics design.

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The machineering Knowledge Center provides instructions how to connect the Field Box 1 for realtime emulation. 

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