The Digital Twin accompanies machines their lifetime long- daily business, changes or modifications on the machine, service works…. Its goal is to prevent errors, optimize machines and avoid failures.
Use the simulation model as basis of the Digital Twin in the early stages of the development process to safeguard your concepts.

What is so special about the Digital Twin?

Thanks to the Digital Twin your company will be able to optimize the whole value-added process: The Digital Twin provides you in real time with a virtual counterpart/double to check on an efficient planning phase, a simple implementation, short waiting periods and smooth business activities. Its big advantages are

  • Maintenance support
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Failure documentation including instructions
  • Remote maintenance with 3D visualisation
  • Process planning and job preparation on the machine
  • Look Ahead simulation
  • Advanced collision detection
  • Augmented Reality on your machines
  • Development of new business models in the after sales and service sector

The easy way to the Digital Twin

industrialPhysics, a physics bases 3D-simulation software including real time capacity, helps you to …

  • directly generate simulation models out of your CAD-data
  • display materials and machine kinematics
  • live simulation
  • cluster separated engineering tools such as CAD-data, PLC programming and robot simulation

Machineering’s Digital Twin in your PLC cabinet

In the best case, the production equipment comes with the "machineering Digital Twin" from the manufacturer and the Digital Twin already contains all relevant data of the machines. With an industrialPhysics model running directly in the cabinet, the machine can be easily enhanced with a wide variety of new functions. Parallel to the real implementation of the machines, the Digital Twin will deliver a virtual counterpart with deep insight into the actual state of machine parts that cannot be easily measured. An operator can immediately benefit from all the advantages which the application of a Digital Twin Box provides.

And furthermore, You can feed the local box behind the firewall with all important data of your production process without the risk of loosing strategic data in the internet cloud.

The Digital Twin is easy to integrate into your standard production. It delivers all the necessary data for smoothly running systems. It easily calculates complex geometric models. Virtual testing of new products can be executed running in parallel to the real production process. A Look-Ahead-Function helps to find possible collisions or bottlenecks in the machines and to react in the real system before they occur.

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