industrialPhysics – The advantages at a glance

industrialPhysics is a physics-based 3D simulation software used to visualize the virtual commissioning of mechatronic systems in real-time. Given the innovative simulation technology, industrialPhysics allows a quick and easy modeling of complex machinery also with robots for intensive PLC testing. industrialPhysics offers a huge variety of functions for various fields of application like development, commissioning, production and sales.

Simulation model derived directly from your CAD data

Design and simulation go hand in hand, directly and with no additional effort. Always simulate the newest development status of your machinery!

Industry robots just a mouse click away

Visualize the virtual commissioning of robots with industrialPhysics. Decide to use internal kinematics or to connect to real robot controllers.

Put on VR or AR glasses

It is easy to render the running simulation in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR). Step into your running virtual machine. >>more

Field bus emulation with the Field Box 1

machineering´s Field Box 1 enables virtual commissioning with real PLCs via a native field bus. >>more

Connect PLCs

industrialPhysics can be connected to a variety of PLCs. Test functionalities at a very early stage in the design process.


Synchronized engineering

Thanks to industrialPhysics, engineers from different departments can already work together in the early stages. Check feasibilities and synchronize the work flow.

Process consistency along the value chain

industrialPhysics smoothens the whole process: from the first ideas to running systems and service cases at the end.

Generate a Digital Twin

The simulation model (Digital Prototype) in industrialPhysics from the basis for the Digital Twin. Its aim is to prevent failures on running machines and to pretest enhancements on existing instalations. >>more

Come in and be convinced!

Join an online presentation and invite your colleagues too to get to know industrialPhysics or visit one of our cost-free industrialPhysics workshops.


industrialPhysics is a simulation platform for multiple sectors accompanying all process steps in the value chain. industrialPhysics exists in different versions:

Expert tool for automation

  • Ultimate for PLC simulation, HIL / robot and material-flow simulation
  • Professional HIL / HIL Classic for PLC simulation, HIL and material-flow simulation
  • Runtime Ultimate / Runtime HIL for PLC and HIL simulation

Expert tool for mechatronic design

  • Advanced / Mechatronic Design to simulate machines with easy sequences of motion and realistic material handling

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In many branches of industry – and that includes the packaging industry – the use of simulation software during the development process and also in the operation of a real plant is now standard. machineering GmbH & Co.KG is very well acquainted with this industry's requirements. Many of its customers are among the major players in the packaging sector. Bosch Packaging, Krones or Somic – all of these companies simulate with industrialPhysics, the simulation software from machineering.

, from Beate Freyer, machineering

New approach: Continuous Commissioning in engineering

When you start planning a new machine or plant, the design begins directly with the first drawings. A little later in the process the Electronics Division adds switching models, cables and other connections in the form of CAD data. Right at the end come the plans for the automation and it is at this moment that the team is very often faced with the problem that the various plans don't fit together and cannot be implemented as such. The necessary new or re-planning costs a lot of time and money...

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