1. Why should companies work with a simulation?

A 3D-simulation of complex material flows and mechatronic production sites represents the biggest efficiency reserve in plant engineering and construction. Via simulation and virtual prototyping of machines you can accelerate and safeguard the machine development and construction. During project acquisitions you can revise future production sites in communication with your clients.

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2. Why companies should simulate with industrialPhysics?

industrialPhysics is based on a very precise and real-time capable physics engine with the aim to represent production processes in a realistic way. This software gives companies the possibility to simulate a single machine or a whole production site over the entire process from planning to service downtime. A bidirectional interface transfers all data into the CAD-system. In addition, the system disposes of a wide-ranging library with predefined industry robot kinematics. The innovative Hardware-in-the-Loop-approach enables a direct connection to multiple PLCs of different producers. Step by step the simulation creates models including control and robot logics. Machineering is one of the first companies to integrate the VR glass Occulus Rift into the software. Now our users can see their machines in a new dimension.

3. What are the advantages of industrialPhysics?

For the management

  • shortens the commissioning time up to 75%
  • shortens the entire project time up to 15%
  • enhances the software quality by more than 40%
  • reduces the costs up to 30%

For the employees

  • industrialPhysics serves as a communication platform for the mechatronic team from the first idea to the real commissioning
  • more security for complex planning, the visualisation at an early stage reduces risks like shortages
  • validation of future changes, dimensioning of buffers, conveyors, work piece carriers and comparison of planning scenarios
  • continuous control via simulation of small changes on machine level
  • smoother commissioning
  • transparent machine change management
  • optimized time schedule for machines
  • detection of obsolete functions (redundancies)
  • safeguarding of function blocs (modularisation)

For the machines

  • smoother commissioning
  • transparent machine change management
  • optimized working schedule for machines
  • detection of obsolete functions (redundancies)
  • creation of function blocs (modularisation)
  • increased mechatronisation of the machines
  • material savings and lightweight construction
  • smoother installation and commissioning
  • transparent machine change management

4. In which branch can you use industrialPhysics?

You can run industrialPhysics whenever the behaviour of collision bodies will be simulated. industrialPhysics finds its application in different sectors like for example

5. In which sectors within your company can you use industrialPhysics?

industrialPhysics will add value to your whole company in sales, development, project management, production and services.

6. How do you learn to use our simulation?

Machineering offers its clients to get in touch with the advantages of industrialPhysics before clients buy the product: Be part of one of our web demonstration or visit our cost-free workshop. Once we have a contract, we teach our clients how to use industrialPhysics via a 1 to 2-day workshop or web conference. We know out of experience that the user is able to handle the software on his/her own after this introduction. For any further questions the machineering team will always support its clients.

7. Why to get a Field Box 1?

machineering’s brand new innovation is the Field Box 1 which offers full real-time capacity. Connect it in between the simulation computer and the PLC and it provides the whole field bus simulation. You want to know more about the Field Box 1? Get in touch with us, we gladly provide you further information.

8. What's the sense of the Digital Twin?

The Digital Twin is directly integrated into the cabinet. Parallel to the real machines, the Digital Twin runs the industrialPhysics simulation of the machines for predictive maintenance, failure documentation, remote maintenance, collision calculations …the Digital Twin makes it all possible.

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