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There are different ways to install industrialPhysics depending on the type of license. Please choose what kind of license you want to use.


Dongle based license

Download industrialPhysics

Download here. The login information for the download area were sent by email to the person in charge. If required, please send a request to our support.


Save the license file on the computer

Please, save the file on your computer. The license file was sent by email to the person in charge. If required again, please send a request to our support.

Plug in your industrialPhysics dongle into a free USB port.

Start industrialPhysics.


When prompted by the "Install license" pop-up, please select the saved license file.


industrialPhysics is ready to use.


Floating license

Please contact our support. Our expert will help you online to install your license.


First steps with industrialPhysics

To start the simulation with industrialPhysics we recommend you to work through some How To's. These can be found in our Knowledge Center. To call it, please click in the search bar. Under 70 samples, you'll find two examples that show step by step how best to create simulation models. If you have any questions, please contact our support.


The center offers a variety of models as well as different how to try out.

Any questions?

Please contact our support if you have problems with installation.


This might be interesting for you

In many branches of industry – and that includes the packaging industry – the use of simulation software during the development process and also in the operation of a real plant is now standard. machineering GmbH & Co.KG is very well acquainted with this industry's requirements. Many of its customers are among the major players in the packaging sector. Bosch Packaging, Krones or Somic – all of these companies simulate with industrialPhysics, the simulation software from machineering.

, from Beate Freyer, machineering

New approach: Continuous Commissioning in engineering

When you start planning a new machine or plant, the design begins directly with the first drawings. A little later in the process the Electronics Division adds switching models, cables and other connections in the form of CAD data. Right at the end come the plans for the automation and it is at this moment that the team is very often faced with the problem that the various plans don't fit together and cannot be implemented as such. The necessary new or re-planning costs a lot of time and money...

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