industrialPhysics is not a stand-alone solution, but a decisive part of the big picture

Yes, simulation with industrialPhysics saves time and money. And yes, simulation brings along an enormous gain in safety. However, the real potentials can only be reached if the infrastructure is regarded as a whole. Therefore, it's important to us to also act as consultants for our customers when it's about aligning both the entire development process and, later on, the production to simulation models.

The trend shows that – in addition to the design, electrical system and automation – simulation is also making inroads into engineering as a new process step. But how is it to be implemented?

Broadly set up with industrialPhysics

IndustrialPhysics is the simulation basis in the entire engineering process. Starting with the design, industrialPhysics offers a bidirectional data exchange of the CAD data from popular CAD systems such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo, etc. Real controllers can also be connected to the virtual model in order to carry out virtual commissioning. Our customers can also access a large number of robot kinematics from various manufacturers, integrate drives and use numerous VR and AR glasses as standard with industrialPhysics.

The simulation as part of the big picture, which everyone involved can access at any time to get the state of development or the production process in real time.

As a software manufacturer and for you as a customer, it is important not to regard industrialPhysics as a stand-alone solution. The advantages that the use of our simulation software offers can only be used to the optimum if they are really a fixed component of the entire process.

Away from the stand-alone solution

Our experience has shown that nowadays many companies do not use simulation widely enough and are thus missing out on potentials. In order to circumvent this, it is crucial that the principles of efficient working are established within the organisation and the corporate processes. And that is only possible with a deep, structured implementation.

For companies there are different ways of integrating the simulation. One of them that has stood the test of time is to establish a department or core team especially for this purpose.

Start simulation management in a small way

Many companies have taken the route of creating simulation teams consisting of top experts from the fields of design and automation. Both work simultaneously on modelling projects (virtual prototype) and commission virtual plants on the screen step by step. At the end of this process they obtain a precise mechatronic image of a real machine (digital twin), on the basis of which the machine's behaviour can be tested and optimised in advance.

After the completion of a project the simulation models can continue to be used by adopting common parts, including simulation data, into libraries. This facilitates the simulation of follow-up systems enormously. In addition, they can be used by sales for customer acquisition, by after-sales and for production monitoring or training purposes. The simulation models or digital twins can also be visualised by VR / AR, web or apps.

"No machine leaves our company without simulation", states one of our customers, which has been putting the simulation process into practice for years. Its market leadership proves that it is right to do so. The initial investment in the form of manpower has quickly paid for itself; the software costs were already amortised in the first project.

We support you with the implementation

Every company is aligned and organised differently. In order to facilitate the implementation for users of industrialPhysics, machineering cooperates with experienced consultants. On the basis of defined levers, a concept is developed to enable the simulation to unfold its full potential in the company. Coupled with a simulation project running in parallel, the feasibility and practical application are guaranteed.

May we support you in using industrialPhysics profitably in your company? We'll be glad to send you the relevant documents.


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