Determining drives yourself?

Machineering is continuously confronted by customers with this topic. Communication with customers is always very important for the simulation software manufacturer. Therefore, machineering's short-term goal is to offer the customer the option of determining forces on the basis of the simulation and "selecting" drives themselves. They can thus run though and optimise different variants and determine the result themselves. This allows the machine manufacturer to approach the motor manufacturer with a precise idea of the required motor power and thus select the right motor independently of the expert opinion. With the aid of a drive simulation the machine manufacturer can verify the optimum functionality and operating reliability of a machine without running the risk of overdimensioning. In this way possible extensions can also be integrated into the simulation at an early stage, making the expensive retrofitting of an stronger drive unnecessary.

The advantages of a self-made drive simulation are obvious

  • The dynamics and energy efficiency of the machine will be used to the optimum
  • The installation space for the drive of a machine will be identified perfectly
  • The manufacturing costs for the respective machine can be lowered considerably through the avoidance of overdimensioning
  • Companies benefit from manufacturer independence thanks to self-generated knowledge

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